lunedì 8 gennaio 2007

Aggiornamento Cometa

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Novità 1) Foto di ieri, l'autore sostiene una frammentazione del nucleo... chissà.... l'altra dalla Polonia 2) : traducetevela voi... sembra interesante!


Il link è:


C/2006 P1 (McNaught):2007 Jan. 8.245 m1=-0.8*, Dia=1', DC=8, Tail=2 deg in PA 20deg...10x50B...Piotr Guzik (Krakow, Poland)[This morning I observedthe comet from Krakow (Poland) for about 45 minutes. I caught it with10x50 binoculars about 5:40UT as it was emerging from layer of fog attrue altitude 1.4 deg. Few minutes later (~5:45UT) I could see it withnaked eye. When it came slightly higher I started to estimate itsbrightness. Comparison stars were alpha Aql (0.9 mag), beta Aql (3.8mag) and gamma Aql (2.7 mag). I made 4 estimations between 5:52 UT -6:01 UT getting m1 for the comet equal to -0.8 mag each time. All ofobservations were corrected for atmospheric extinction assumed to be0.21 mag per atmospheric mass.Pseudonucleus was golden and brilliant - I estmitated m2=0.0: The tail has high surface brightness and with binoculars I could see it about 2degrees long. First 15' was also visible to unaided eye. I could seethe comet with naked eye till 6:12 UT (when the Sun was only 4.3 degbelow horizon and comet 6.2 deg above horizon). Then I could still seeit with 10x50B till 6:25 UT (Sun only 2.5 deg below horizon). I wouldsee it probably for few minutes more but I moved to another place andcouldn't locate it again.]

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